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Jai Kisan Live
Improve Farming Techniques

Jai kisan Live is working to develop improved crop management techniques for maximum economic, environmental and social benefits. We are working to develop, test and demonstrate the latest thermal remote sensing technology on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to identify the location of livestock in extensive rangelands. We are also measuring cattle body condition remotely. We are researching water use efficiency for increased grain yield as well. For more info click here.

Jai Kisan Live
Supporting Farmers

Jai Kisan Live is here to supporting farmers towards best to its farming growth. We are continuously working in the context of helping poor farmers for the best farming. We are consistently working on improvement of farming techniques which is supporting farmers in many ways. We also use to organize few sessions for farmer’s education as well to encourage healthy farming. We’re taking few other steps as well for best of the farming techniques. Click Here for more info.